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Get the Ultimate Edge over your competition by measuring and analyzing your current athletic performance and ability, apply cutting edge training technologies and methodologies compiled together in specific training protocols and get the absolute maximum out of your body to unleash that inner athlete and get on that podium you always dream of!

“Come Experience the Difference so your friends can See the Difference”

  • Lactacte Threshold test
  • VO2Max test
  • Alactic, Aerobic, Anaerobic zones
  • Cardiac system stress and Fatigue
  • Central Nervous System Readiness and Fatigue
  • Comprehensive Body Composition measurement
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Left/Right and Quad/Hamstring imbalance ratios while on the bike
  • Functional Threshold Power Test on bike
  • Personal and customized Power Training programs
  • Lung capacity and status
  • Electro Muscle Stimulation training with Functional movement patterns
  • Muscle Activation training
  • High Altitude Training Camps – Afriski
  • Passive Recovery Compression Boots – Muscle Mend
  • Activate up to 90% deeper muscle fibers and increase maximal muscular strength
  • Increased Power output
  • Zero risk of injury while training
  • Become functionally conditioned total body
  • Increase Core strength and stability
  • Tone and shape your body – learn to burn fat and achieve the optimal power to weight ratio
  • Optimize your performance in Endurance Sports – possible podium position
  • Ultimate Edge over your competition
  • Achieve much more in way less training time – SAVE TIME
  • Know your muscles and current athletic state – muscular, cardiovascular, central nervous system, energy supply systems and what to do to optimize it
  • Get your performance indicator and know what you can achieve
  • High altitude mental and physiological adaptations on training camps

Athlete program Flyer

  You are unique and need to be measured and managed according to your training and recovery state at the current moment, know which required stimulus to apply to your body and maximize your performance!


At Revolutionfit we utilize the most optimal nutritional and training technologies to guarantee you serious results and maximize your performance. We utilize cutting edge EMS training technology from Germany used by athletes like Usain Bolt that will give you a super effective and super intense workout. EMS contracts up to 90% muscle fibers within each major muscle group, making it three times more effective than any other form of gym or cardio exercise.

You will train with International Personal trainer specialist, Jaco Ferreira, who has years of international and national training and coaching experience. Jaco also has Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Endurance Coaching qualifications and successfully completed multiple Cape Epics as well as various other stage races. Being an athlete himself, he understands that as an endurance athlete you want to perform at your best and want to apply the best training protocols to achieve optimal results. You also want to do this with as little risk of injury as possible, in the shortest effective time period.

This is possible now with the training approach at Revolutionfit. As a trainer, Jaco adds massive value to you as an athlete utilizing Crossfit Endurance methodology with EMS training technology. Your performance will be maximized and you can be assured that you will walk out a Stronger, Faster, Fitter, Leaner version of you.

  • Electro Muscle Stimulation training combined with Functional Conditioning training methodologies
  • Functional Conditioning Training – Crossfit level 1 and Crossfit Endurance Coach
  • Comprehensive Body Composition Measurements
  • Bike skill training – trainer and outside
  • Personal Power Zone bike sessions
  • FTP Bike tests
  • Fitness Testing protocols
  • Targeted Muscle Activation – Compex
  • Omegawave current state of readiness and recovery testing
  • Mbody – know your muscles – muscular contractions
  • Personalized Ketogenic Fat adaptation diets
  • Training outrides with skill improvement – Rotsvas
  • Affiliated Sports Doctor – Merchen Naude
  • Affiliated Sports Nutritionist – Chris De Beer
  • Affiliated Physio with Shockwave – Tarryn Smith
  • Muscle Mend recovery sessions – passive recovery boots Compex Recovery sessions
  • Altitude Mask training – breathing patterns
  • Exclusive High Altitude training camps – Afriski

With a definite proven approach to testing your Functional Threshold Power & Maximal power output on the bike, and bilateral leg strength you will get precise feedback to where you are currently, where you have muscular imbalances and areas that needs attention, where the recommendations will be applied and incorporated into a holistic training approach to make that super athlete inside of you come to the forth!


Once you have applied the training plan and protocols to yourself you will be retested after a period of time varying between 6-8 weeks to compare the performance improvement results.

Omegawave Total test

  • Determine Lactate Threshold non invasive – super accurate
  • Vo2 Max
  • Anaerobic Threshold
  • Aerobic, Anaerobic, Alactic zones
  • Central Nervous system Readiness and  Fatigue
  • Cardiac system Stress and Fatigue
  • Overtraining and recovery status
  • Cardiac maintenance and development training zones.

Mbody – Myontec

Know your muscles

Skill and muscular activation feedback – get accurate real time feedback from technology measuring the differences in quad/hamstring ratio as well as left/right ratio according to your current style. Intelligent shorts that measure muscle activity will show weaknesses and areas to work on and improve giving you a more efficient pedal stroke activating the muscles and increasing power outputs

Functional Movement Screening

  • State of movement around joints
  • Flexibility and movement restrictions – areas to improve.

Functional Movement Screening

  • State of movement around joints
  • Flexibility and movement restrictions – areas to improve.

FTP test - 20 min

  • Determine personal Power Zones
  • Personalized and Customized Power training program
  • provides a very good functional benchmark from which to base cycling-specific training zones

Comprehensive Body Composition test

  • Body fat % with recommendations
  • Risk of diseases
  • Body weight with waist to hip ratio
  • Circumference measurements

Functional Fitness test

  • Max reps air squat – 1min
  • Risk of diseases
  • Pushups till failure
  • Max reps crunches – 1 min
  • Plank hold till failure

Nutrition Another value add to you as cyclist if one of your goals is to lose extra body fat and reach your ideal weight where you have an optimal power to weight ratio, we have a super effective diet and nutrition program based on a very customized Ketogenic approach where you will be teaching your body to make the switch to burn fat as fuel instead of readily available carbohydrates. We provide you the solution and constantly keep you accountable and effectively monitor your body composition to make sure you are on track in reaching your ideal weight in as efficient time as possible. The convenient nutrition solutions we have allows you to keep a level of sustained energy and performance on the bike while burning fat and supplies your muscles with vital slow release protein after your training sessions feeding them optimally. It is also optimized with the right fats and ratios allowing your body to absorb the great quality protein efficiently.


EMS training

Apply cutting edge technology that activate up to 90% muscle fibers per muscle group, giving you a guaranteed muscular activation that will increase maximal muscular strength dramatically with zero risk of injury putting no strain on your ligaments and joints.

High Altitude Training Camps

Taking your performance to another level even literally includes being able to join on a true High Altitude Training camp in the mountains of Lesotho at Afriski ski resort that lies at 3050m above sea level. Training at high altitude means there is less oxygen available, Your body then adapt to this lack of oxygen through the kidneys, producing a hormone called erythropoietin (EPO), which stimulates the body in the production of the mass of your red blood cells and haemoglobin. This enables your body to carry oxygen quicker and more efficient through your body. This will increase your red blood cells and the oxygen carrying Hemoglobin in your red blood cells to increase your endurance/performance.

A training camp will give you that extra edge over your competitors and you will receive great value add to your cycling performance with the likes of technical skill training sessions, climbing and endurance, massages, race strategy, race nutrition and lots more. You again can be assured that you will go away from a training camp Stronger, Faster, Fitter and Leaner!

Customized Power Bike Sessions ( indoor)

With our customized power bike sessions you can focus on technique and specific training goals without having to worry about external factors such as weather, light and dangerous traffic or people. The training is based on an assessment, where we will determine what aspect of performance you will need to focus on in your training plan, the FTP and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate test to identify your training zones where we accurately customize your training to you individually, but you will be managed and the benchmark will shift as you get stronger and faster.

Field Bike Sessions ( outdoor )

Field bike sessions include applying a desired stimulus like EMS training before getting on the bike an out on the trails like an XCO track or outride. This allows you to cut your training time in half where you achieve the same desired result from your training session as there is a very safe intense load applied to the body, this creates very beneficial physical as well as psychological result in the body and maximizes performance. Access in Pretoria is at Rotsvas in Pretoria East as well as Voortrekker Monument as part of the XCO circuit.


8 weeks Exclusive Custom Athlete Management and Maximization High performance program

Sample Training Program

Muscle Mend:

Muscle Mend allows athletes to relax totally while speeding up the body’s ability to rid the waste produced by exertion and at the same time the sequential compression of the garment uses the venous and lymphatic systems to purge itself of its waste.

The largest muscles in the body are in the legs. By compression from foot to thigh the flow of the fluid into the venous system is greatly enhanced. The same applies to lymph drainage. Fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood gets to the muscles sooner, thus speeding the recovery process. Recovery time is shortened from days to hours. This allows athletes to train and compete at a higher level

Week 1

BodyComp Omegawave Omegawave Omegawave
Func Fit test EMS session Power Bike 1hr custom EMS Session
FMS Speedtrainer Power zones Speedtrainer
Omegawave -All Muscle Mend Muscle Mend
Mbody Muscle Activation Muscle Activation
FTP Test

Week 2

Omegawave Omegawave Omegawave Omegawave
Power Bike/EMS + Field EMS session Power Bike/EMS + Field EMS Session
Bike session Speedtrainer Bike session + Speedtrainer
Muscle Mend Bike skills Muscle Mend
Muscle Activation Muscle Activation
Compex Compex


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